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Discover today what Chiropractic Care and Network Spinal Analysis can do for you and your familiy

Eugen Roth D.C.

(Doctor of Chiropractic)

At our Mijas practice we invite you to discover the bounty of health that can be yours.

We realize that when you don't feel 'at your best' what you need is care. For this reason our Chiropractic and Wellness practice is committed to providng you with a warm, friendly, professional atmosphere.

Two of my favourite sayings:

"Keep what you've got rather than try to  get back what you once had."


"Small changes make big differences."

Our Goals, Are Your Goals


The primary goal at our practice located in Fuengirola and Mijas is the restoration of your health through our unique approach to natural Chiropratic care, we also wish to provide you with the knowledge you need to maintain the highest possible level of health. Total wellness is a life-long journey. Start yours with us today.


How We Can Help You?


We encourage total wellness. We are here to talk about you - your nervous system, your nutrition, your fitness, your lifestyle. We are a totally natural Chiropractic centre focused on helping you using our holistic approach to wellness and stress release.

Your Health and Wellness is important to us

While the care of your spine and nervous system is our primary focus, we take a holistic approach to health. We understand the vital importance of proper nutrition, prudent exercise, sufficient rest and recreation and a stable mental and spiritual life. We recognise the trinity of body, mind and spirit and promote an awareness of all three levels. We take time to educate our patients with a thorough and individualized approach. We investigate the cause of the problem and help guide your journey to optimal health.

We do not diagnose or treat any disease as medical doctors do, but our focus is to improve the health of patients despite any illness they may have. The body is a self healing mechanism and the healthier it is the more capable the body is to heal itself.

"We frequently view symptoms as an abnormal response to a normal lifestyle, when they are mainly a normal response to an abnormal lifestyle."

Arno Burnier DC

Radio interview

Eugen with Nicole King on the 'Mi Marbella' programme Nov. 11th 2014

"The Power That Made The Body Heals the Body"..... D.D. Palmer founder of Chiropractic (1895)

             Raquetas de Mijas

             Urb. La Cala Hills

             C/ Tomillo de la Torre 1

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